How can I determine what my organization needs?

needs assessment

How can I determine what my organization needs?

Before you can select the ideal automated accounts payable solution for your organization, it’s always best to identify the specific needs of your organization. While this may sound incredibly obvious, actually assessing needs is easier said than done.


It’s often most effective to create a simple Needs Matrix based on certain core attributes that are required. A solid functionality matrix includes columns for (1) preferred features, (2) priority ranking per feature, (3) departments affected per feature, (4) gaps in current systems, and (5) a column devoted to notes and special cases.


Once that’s done, begin the process of selection and implementation. Use a clear checklist to ensure that each step is addressed. Checklist items might include:

  • Vendor Research Completed
  • Shortlist of Vendors Compiled
  • Vendor Demos and Presentations Scheduled
  • Contract Negotiations Completed
  • Software Solution Selected
  • Implementation Begins

Research Options

Complete a basic assessment of your Final Round Vendors to create a comparison framework:

Best Fit Criteria Vendor #1 Vendor #2 Vendor #3
Do features line up with priorities?
Do reviews indicate adequate customer support?
Does pricing fall within budgetary limitations?
Are contract terms acceptable?
Are employees and managers on board with solution?

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