How can you get the most from your AP automation investment?

most from ap investment

How can you get the most from your AP automation investment?

Automating your Accounts Payable can have extremely significant positive impact on both your bottom line and your employees quality of life. It removes rote and fastidious tasks from the organization’s manual workflow, offloading the tasks onto software that handles the dirty work without mistake or complaint. However, it’s only as beneficial as its implementation. Because every organization’s AP function is uniquely optimized for that organization, it is critical that each organization roll out AP automation as completely as possible.

Place leadership focus on employees

Often employees may see automation as a threat to their jobs, rather than an asset. After all, if the work being currently done from 9-5 each weekday can be accomplished in minutes by a machine, why are employees needed?

Make certain that employees realize automation is not a threat. It is, in fact, exactly the opposite of that: AP automation opens the door to more interesting and engaging workplace activities. All organizations are only as valuable as the people who work there. You’ve already taken special care to hire the best people, and now you can use those best people in ways that better match their skills and desires. Used effectively, AP automation creates a more employee-friendly work environment.

Define the changes

Change is scary. Automating your AP function will create huge change throughout your organization. Yes, there are tremendous benefits from that change… but it’s also frightening for the people who show up to work every day with a job to do. Bear that in mind. Manage how the change is perceived by breaking it down into small bite-sized pieces, and explaining each piece from multiple angles.

People need to know how the changes affect the organization at large, their department, and themselves personally. Gather insights and feedback from your employees. Answer questions. Make sure everyone understands what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what the consequences will be. If job functions shift because of the changes, involving employees in that shift will significantly impact their ability to adapt and perform well.

Identify and empower champions

There are people in your organization who are incredibly excited about the potential of automated accounts payable. They’ve already taken the time and done the research to understand how this change can accelerate the organization to the next level. Find them! Find the people who are enthusiastic about what’s coming, and involve them in the rollout. This will go a long way towards getting everyone else jazzed, rather than apprehensive. Peer enthusiasm is infectious!

Maintain constant communication

It’s easy to see the rollout of AP automation as the conclusion of the project. It’s not; it’s not the conclusion, it’s the beginning. The next few months are especially important. Communicate all successes throughout the organization so that employees understand the value of the changes that have been implemented. Continually gather feedback and suggestions. Regularly hold standup meetings to ensure progress is recognized and rewarded, and issues are identified and resolved.

With constant communication after your rollout, the sky’s the limit!

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