How secure is automated Accounts Payable?

Secure Data

How secure is automated Accounts Payable?

Security in the digital world is something of a Catch-22. Yes, encryption, Secure Socket Layers, and Virtual Private Networks can create a nearly un-hackable architecture. No, “un-hackable” isn’t the same as “secure;” since systems need to interact with humans during the course of their activities, there are still quite a few ways that critical confidential data can leak out. That said, there are steps that can be taken to minimize security breaches.

Purchase Thoughtfully

Making optimal digital decisions for your organization is a two-step process. First, choose whether to make or buy. There are pros and cons to each approach, so make your selection based on your end goals and available resources; buying will always be less expensive than making, though making will always have higher levels of customization. Second, regardless of which direction is best for your organization, carefully research the tools and vendors that will be included in your system. Pay special attention to any reported previous security issues, and what the relevant parties did to resolve those issues.

Restrict Access

Employees need to be able to access system data for effective workflow, but not every employee needs access to everything. Carefully lay out your workflow, mapping each piece of data onto the organizational function that needs to access it. Only permit pertinent information to be viewed and/or manipulated by the parties who need access to it.

Create Policies

Restricting access is only useful when it is enforced. During the course of a typical work day, managers and other employees may be tempted to share passwords for quicker access in a pinch… and once that occurs, security is effectively breached. Each employee needs to safeguard access to each unique password in order to guarantee restriction access. The organization must establish and enforce security protocols to ensure that employees maintain the security of the system.

Keep Security Updated

If you elected to make a homegrown system, maintaining the integrity of your firewalls, plugins, and other components is critical to ensuring security. If you elected to buy a system from a vendor, the vendor should be actively engaged in keeping your system secure. Make sure you conduct regular audits to validate ongoing effectiveness.

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