What are some challenges to automated accounts payable adoption?


What are some challenges to automated accounts payable adoption?

When new systems are introduced, the human factor can sometimes derail an organization’s best laid plans. Software will always do what it’s programmed to do; people on the other hand, have minds of their own. That reality makes it especially important to manage the human factor of all technology rollouts.

Loyalty to Legacy Systems

Businesses are more than just robotic environments devoted to efficiency and production. Every business is comprised of people who show up to work every day, and often spend more time fulfilling their daily employment responsibilities than they do engaging in any other activity. They develop habits; they figure out the optimal ways to accomplish what needs to be done. Though that’s an excellent asset for businesses, it also means that there is inertia pushing back against change. Anything that affects the way employees do their jobs will be met with some initial resistance. It will require effort and understanding to help employees manage the acceptance of the change.

Technology Fear

Not everyone is completely comfortable with technology. This is especially true with new technology systems. We all know that a single wrong click can have massive ramifications, and that can lead to people being afraid to click anything. Rather than doing the assigned tasks in the new system, employees will sometimes find ways to go about their duties using software and systems with which they are more familiar. This disrupts the usefulness of the new system. Technology fear is best addressed early in a new implementation, as its severity compounds exponentially with time.

Insufficient Training

Perhaps the single largest contributor to rollout derailment is a lack of adequate training. In most cases, organization-wide training isn’t sufficient for certain key employees. Management will be well-served by identifying any employees who require additional training, and offering them one-on-one interactions with other employees who are extremely comfortable with the technology. Rather than going into a rollout alone, this allows employees to create a buddy system that goes a long way towards minimizing future issues.

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