Why is it better to use a single AP automation vendor?


Why is it better to use a single AP automation vendor?

Today’s accounts payable automation is an evolutionary leap over the systems of just a decade ago. As technology changes, some organizations choose to keep their legacy systems, some choose to upgrade their existing systems, and some elect to augment or replace their old systems.

This morphing process can lead to discord between the old and the new, resulting in data leaks, errors, redundancies, and duplication. The easiest way to minimize these issues can be to stick with a single vendor.

No Upgrade Conflicts

Software from numerous vendors can be made to create a single system, but it requires continual management beyond the maintenance required for a system built by a single vendor. This is because each component of the system is updated at different rates by the software vendors. As one piece of the system is upgraded and another isn’t, the connections holding everything together start to strain.

Maximize Efficiencies

Managing a complex system cobbled from multiple vendors demands multiple support calls, one to each vendor, while troubleshooting system-wide issues. Issues come up inevitably during the lifetime of any software solution; solving issues expeditiously is paramount for the ongoing success of the business. Being able to solve issues with a single phone call to a single support team is a major boon for any organization.

Minimize Costs

Software vendors in the same space often have similar feature sets to one another. Creating a custom solution from several vendors tends to result in redundant features, either conflicting with one another or unused in the implementation. A single vendor solution can minimize costs by eliminating paying multiple times for the same feature from different vendors.

Reduce Errors & Simplify Reporting

Multiple data entry points and multiple analysis engines create complications beyond those of a single system. There is more room for error, both in data entry and in the running of reports.

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